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Bali Paradise Villas Asia

Terms & Conditions 


The villas can’t be re-rented to third parties without permission. Additional guests are not permitted to stay in the villas other than the number you agreed during the reservation.

Money paid by you, except the maintenance/security deposit, will not be returned. We advise you to take a cancellation insurance.

With your payment you indemnify and hold harmless the owners of the villas and Bali Paradise Villas Asia from all liability for personal injury or damage to your goods / belongings during your stay in any of the villas.


After you decide to rent a villa of your choice we require a non-refundable  booking fee of 50% of the total rental price. We give you a provisional option of three days to arrange payment. Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of the first payment.

The final payment, plus a maintenance/security deposit of €300 or $300, respectively, must be paid at least two months before the arrival date. The  maintenance/security deposit will be returned within two weeks of departure from the villa, to your account, minus any unexpected damages.

For bookings within two months of arrival, the entire rent including maintenance/security deposit must be paid to us.

The rent includes energy and water with normal use. Each villa has slightly different items included within the rent, as detailed on the respective web page.

You are responsible for the bank charges for the payments to us and we are responsible for the bank charges on the refund of the security deposit to you afterwards.

Other currencies can be accepted, either by PayPal or bank telegraphic transfer. is used for mid-market rates on the day of transaction.


Check-in is 4pm and check-out midday. We can be flexible especially if there are no guests booked to arrive/depart immediately after/before you. However, significantly different times may incur a moderate extra fee.

You will receive a reservation letter after the 50% booking fee has been received,  a letter of receipt of final payment and maintenance/security of deposit, and notification of return of any deposit.

Villa Lovina Sunset North Bali
Villa Kembang Kertas North Bali
Villa Puri Segara North Bali
Villa Puri Segara North Bali
Luxury & Comfort
Exclusive dining
Absolute privacy
Large private pools

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