Bali Paradise Villas Asia
Bali Paradise Villas Asia

Practical Tips

Useful tips for travelling to and staying in Bali:

  • Check with your travel agent and your doctor what vaccinations you need
  • For stays of 30 days or less you can buy a visa at the airport in Denpasar
  • You need one completely blank page free in your passport
  • Your passport needs to have 6 months' validity remaining
  • For longer stays, you must arrange the visa at the Indonesian embassy in your country
  • It is normal for your passport/photocopy to be registered with the local police
  • When you leave Bali you have to pay IDR150,000 per person for departure tax
  • We recommend hiring local drivers; they are not expensive and the driving here is "different"
  • When renting a car, motorcycle or scooter you must possess an International Driving Licence
  • Make copies of your passport and driver's licences and make sure you have them always with you for the frequent police checks
  • In Bali you drive on the left
  • Get holiday cancellation and travel insurance
  • Bring your health insurance card, or a copy thereof
  • Hospitals will take credit cards, normally charging  3% extra
  • Credit cards are not widely accepted
  • You will find many ATM terminals for money withdrawals although the exchange rate is not that favourable
  • The general emergency number in Bali is 112
  • When visiting temples you need to wear a sarong and scarf and to cover your arms and legs
  • When you visit government buildings, neat, conservative clothing is appreciated
  • Bargaining is often necessary
  • Hotspots and Internet shops are well represented
  • It is easy and cheap to buy a Balinese SIM card for your mobile phone
  • A phone Internet package is very cheap and the coverage is quite good
  • Your mobile phone needs to be simlock-free